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We are committed to Jesus Christ, to the gospel and to one another. As an association of churches that aligns itself with the same Statement of Faith, we are distinct yet deeply connected.

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In the United States there are 1,321 EFCA churches and 177 church plants.

EFCA ethnic churches and church plants: 298

114 multi-site or second language services


Seventeen districts support some 1,500 congregations spread across the United States. Pastors and churches can find encouragement and resources for both personal and ministry growth through our district networks.

Close to 649 missionaries serve in 59 countries.

EFCA President Kevin Kompelien helps guide our ministries and leaders toward a common vision. He collaborates with district superintendents and our Directional Team, made up of major ministry leaders.

More than 370,000 people attend an EFCA church weekly.

New immigrant families settling in the Midwest in the late 1800s began gathering in homes to study the Bible and worship. It didn’t take long for churches to blossom from those small gatherings.

By 1884, several churches were sharing a treasury. Supporting missionaries,
caring for the elderly,
and establishing Bible Institutes,
youth conferences,
new churches and orphanages
were all part of the EFCA lifeblood from the earliest days.

In 1950, two existing collections of churches—the Norwegian Danish and Swedish Evangelical Free Church Associations—merged. The result? The Evangelical Free Church of America.

From church multiplication to leader health to crisis response to student ministry, EFCA churches share a passion to do God's work both at home and abroad.

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Our belief in an education focused on biblical truth goes back more than a hundred years. Our universities make us proud—for the quality of education and the spirit behind it: Trinity International University, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Trinity Western University.

From our earliest days, the EFCA has been about extending the gospel into areas of need. And whether that’s next door, across town or across the world, we’re still at it today.

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Discover more ways to get involved in our work both at home and abroad. We span the globe responding to disasters, planting churches and supporting missionaries.