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We exist to glorify God by multiplying transformational churches among all people.

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We are praying that God will raise up one million disciplemakers impacting millions with the gospel and transforming entire cities and regions globally.

Cultivating one million disciplemakers requires more than the energy and passion of a few believers. It requires the movement of God. An exact definition isn’t necessary, but an intentional disciplemaking process will lead to new believers, equipped believers and transformation.

Our churches aim to be communities of Christ-followers who treasure God above all else and create life-giving environments that multiply disciplemakers.

Ultimately, we want to shape a culture of transformation—conforming more closely to the person of Jesus—in our leaders, our churches, our ministries and our people.

Setting the stage often means connecting with existing believers in the area, partnering together to reach the lost—whether that’s Berlin, Pennsylvania or Berlin, Germany. It means proclaiming the gospel wherever we are and relying on the power of God to change the world.

With big dreams, we stand dependent on the Holy Spirit. The transformation of the world starts with each of us, living on-mission with Jesus. With God’s help, we can impact millions with the gospel.

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