Chronic Stress Meets the Good Shepherd

How stress builds, what it does to you and how Jesus can help control it

The EFCA blog offers both proven practices and alternative perspectives for Christian faith and ministry from leaders in the Evangelical Free Church of America®.

Equality Act

Information and Response

Our Two Conversations

Addressing all of my brothers and sisters with truth and love in a Church increasingly divided by racial lines

Our Evangelical Heritage and Heart for the Gospel

Partners with the President with David Gustafson

Year-One Virus

With the pandemic’s anniversary coming, let’s acknowledge the struggles and remember the opportunities

Unrestricted God

How a London missionary shared the gospel during COVID-19 lockdown

Wisdom From a Senior Saint

Review of 'Help! I’m Married to My Pastor: Encouragement for Ministry Wives and Those Who Love Them' by Jani Ortlund

Logos 9

A Review

Extending Gospel Ministries Starts with Us

Partners with the President with Alex Mandes and Greg Strand

How to Pray on Inauguration Day

We must abandon our pride for the humility of Christ

5 Ways You Can Honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s Legacy

If you feel like giving up after last year, we encourage you to move forward


A Pastoral Prayer

Our Brokenness, Our Repentance, Our Hope


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