A Collision of Catastrophes

How the Lord prepared me for the dumpster fire of 2020 and beyond

The EFCA blog offers both proven practices and alternative perspectives for Christian faith and ministry from leaders in the Evangelical Free Church of America®.

How the Church Can Love Trans People

A review of Embodied: Transgender Identities, the Church, and What the Bible Has to Say by Preston Sprinkle

Together, We Are One-Hundred Year Shepherds

A retired EFCA pastor reflects on ministry in New England

From a Negative Balance to Kingdom Fruit

An outreach pastor at a local EFCA church did not know much about ReachGlobal. But he became an advocate.

The Lord Who Holds Our Tomorrow

A look inside the local church's struggle in southeast Asia

Provision in the Impossible

Supplies for children were held en route to Congo. A ReachGlobal worker fought to reclaim them.

An Ancient Church Model, Redux

COVID exposed the Church's weaknesses. Here's how this EFCA church planter plans to pivot.

What's Wrong With Virtual Church?

The importance of a physical gathering

Extending Gospel Ministries Through Difficulty

Partners with the President with Jenni Key, Philip Abode and Pablo Cachon

The Generosity of Saints

An EFCA bivocational pastor and his family lost their house to a fire. The question was—would anyone help?

Pray in New Ways

How a ReachGlobal worker learned to disciple Muslim neighbors in Africa.


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