Divine Introductions

For the last five years, members of Red Mountain Community Church (EFCA) have traveled from Mesa, Ariz., to Puerto Penasco, Mexico. RMCC’s mission is to support local churches by building houses for needy members of the community, in conjunction with Amor Ministries. Back in 2010, while building a home for Martin Tenorio Cocoba and his family, RMCC members learned that Martin had difficulties finding work, having lost his arm in an accident on the job. Keith Braun—a surgeon as well as an RMCC elder—first researched what it would take to create a prosthesis; he then gave measurements to Allen Dollberry (in the red hat), who builds prosthetic limbs. Martin was thrilled to receive his prosthetic arm in February 2012 and was able to use it immediately—enabling him to return to work.

photo credit: Lora Bruton

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