New Life in Stockholm

A partnership forged out of a passion for planting churches opens new doors

There was a time when Stockholm, Sweden was regarded as sending hub for missionaries, with a significant percentage of its population worshiping together in local churches.

Now, imagine a city where less then one percent of its population is Christian and around twenty percent of the population is Muslim and the vast majority of the citizens have no understanding of who Jesus is.

That is what Stockholm has become.

In the middle of this city is New Life Church. Their vision is to plant 20 churches in Stockholm by 2020 and a church in every University City in Sweden.

Converge Worldwide, our sister denomination, has also been working with New Life and the denomination it belongs to in Sweden. They currently have one couple helping this church and are desirous of sending another couple to raise-up, equip, and coach church planters.

ReachGlobal and Converge have formed a partnership to work together for the development of a joint team in Stockholm. Jim and Lynn Jarman will be co-sent by ReachGlobal and Converge and serve as team leaders for the work in Stockholm. They bring a wealth of ministry experience from pastoring overseas to planting churches in the U.S.

Jim will lead the team and serve along side New Life to help facilitate church planting.

How can you be involved?

  • By praying for this joint endeavor.
  • By exploring the possibility of short-term teams. (This is one place in the world where much short-term evangelism can be done in English.)
  • By helping surface additional staff to be part of this team.
  • By supporting Jim and Lynn Jarman through prayer and finances to get them to Stockholm as quickly as possible.
  • By having the Jarmans come to your congregation and inform them of the need and spiritual darkness of Stockholm.

Please consider how you might join us in seeing this spiritually needy city impacted with the gospel.

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