Presence for Refugees

How to care for those fleeing ISIS

There is a reason so much of a disciple’s life and ministry is simply about presence – weeping with those who weep, and visiting the sick and imprisoned – it’s because through our Spirit-filled empathy, we make tangible the very presence of Jesus. Perhaps the pinnacle of what He’s called us to do.

These are pictures and stories of the Christians and other minorities who have been forced to flee the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Those disciples God has placed in the area at this time are doing what disciples of Jesus do: providing presence. Will you encourage them with your gifts to help with the purchase of critical supplies and continue in effective ministry? Give here.

The photo above is from a Syrian refugee camp in the Bekka Valley in Lebanon. Mr. and Mrs. K fled their village two years ago with their seven children amid the chaos of war. Two of his brothers have been killed and one kidnapped at a checkpoint and then brutally murdered. As we drank tea and heard their story, Pastor J sat with Mrs. K as she compared the New Testament and the Koran. Pray for the family to continue to discover truth through these caring relationships.

In a city near Syrian border that has more than doubled in size with over 120,000 refugees, we’re heading out with local church leaders to distribute relief supplies to newly arrived families. An entire family has to pay hundreds a month to crowd into a single room.

Pray for open doors.

After a month of walking, the family living here arrived 3 days ago from ISIS controlled Syria. The mother, amid tears, shared with us horrific stories of their journey and the life the escaped from, which included seeing women stoned for being outside without their faces covered. Pray for the people of Syria and Iraq, and The Church’s response.

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