Send Some Lingala Love

Lingala is the language of 1,539 Congolese kiddos sponsored in GlobalFingerprints.

Wouldn’t it be fun to include some phrases in your next letter he or she can understand without an interpreter? Lingala isn’t an easy language to find on the internet. Luckily, we have some friends who speak it fluently and know firsthand what fun it would be for the kids to see their sponsors writing in their own heart language. So be equipped with the few phrases below and use them in your next letter!

Mbote means “Hello”

Nsango nini means “What’s up?”

Yesu alingi yo means “Jesus loves you.”

Yesu akotika yo te means “Jesus will never leave you.”

Nzambe azali malamu mingi means “God is so good.”

Eloko moko te eleki nguya na Nzambe means “Nothing is impossible with God.”

Olinga Nzambe na yo na motema na yo mobimba means “Love God with all your heart.”

Pesa mbote na libota na yo means “Please greet your family.”

Napesi Nzambe matondi mpo na YO means “I thank God for YOU!”

Otikala malamu means “stay well”

Matondi means “thank you”

Are there any other specific phrases you’d like to communicate in your child’s heart language? Let us know in the comments!

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