We Are One

I am an introvert which tends to mean being around people isn’t my thing

The presence of other people makes anxiety out of me

I sometimes close my eyes and wish to be shadow but the light won’t dare hide fear

It’s too holy for such comfort

The mention of small group turns me cold

I’d rather winter my lonely—shiver my room with the slow death of isolation

It’s funny how this body won’t know it’s dead until the reek of its conditions reaches the discernment of the living

This fear of community is killing me

Can you tell I am malnourished?

I stopped growing the day they offered me food

Fed me fellowship, gave me broken bread and wine, communion and community

And I traded spirit to sit in silence instead

The convicting noise of an infantile faith

You can hear it when I run from truth

Run from you—in the name of trust.

Mis-trust in you or God?


Both have played background to my fear

background to my pride

My unwillingness to set my self aside to enjoy the beauty of his bride

I am blind if I don’t see the mistakes I am afraid for her to make live in me too

We are one

It’s time to live like it.

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