Workers in the Wake of Crises

A few ways to get involved in disaster response ministry

If someone asks any of the ReachGlobal Crisis Response team what we need most, most of us would say more workers for the harvest. Crises happen and when they do, people want to know that there is hope out there. Jesus brings that hope through His people.

So you’re wondering, “How can I help? I am just one person.” But it just takes one person to spark a crowd. These are tangible ways for you to help:


Jesus asked us to “pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.” So the first thing you can do is pray. Set your alarm on your phone for 9:38 either morning or night and pray for workers for the harvest. What kind of workers? Volunteers, long- and short-term staff and interns. They are all needed to keep this ministry going.


Get your small group or a group of folks from your church together, approach the mission team of your church and tell them you want to serve in this capacity and come to one of our domestic response locations in New Orleans, Louisiana, Staten Island, New York or Columbia, South Carolina. You can always find our current locations and how to send a team on the ReachGlobal Crisis Response website.

Make a Career Move

Join our staff! In order to respond to additional crises we need more staff, both short term (6-23 months) and long term (24-infinity). With new floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and disasters happening all the time we just cannot do a response justice if we don’t have staff ready to go that is already trained to respond. There are several positions that we are looking to fill right now! A few of which are:

Many more positions can be found on the website above.

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