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Press On, Pastor: Your Ministry Matters

Labor for the Lord is never a loss

Together, We Are One-Hundred Year Shepherds

A retired EFCA pastor reflects on ministry in New England

What's Wrong With Virtual Church?

The importance of a physical gathering

The Generosity of Saints

An EFCA bivocational pastor and his family lost their house to a fire. The question was—would anyone help?

Growing in Flexibility

4 ways to help your church learn to bend without breaking

A Rift in Word and Deed

People of color are leaving white churches en masse. Here’s why and what we can do about it.

Year-One Virus

With the pandemic’s anniversary coming, let’s acknowledge the struggles and remember the opportunities

Wisdom From a Senior Saint

Review of 'Help! I’m Married to My Pastor: Encouragement for Ministry Wives and Those Who Love Them' by Jani Ortlund

Chronic Stress Meets the Good Shepherd

How stress builds, what it does to you and how Jesus can help control it

Serve the Pastor, Serve the Church

The only way forward is making sure the shepherd is served