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Creating Disciplemakers, Not Consumers

The story of a pastor who realized his church’s discipleship method wasn’t working—and how they fixed it.

Pray in New Ways

How a ReachGlobal worker learned to disciple Muslim neighbors in Africa.

Strength in Numbers

Student worker, you were not created to do this alone

Unrestricted God

How a London missionary shared the gospel during COVID-19 lockdown

Extending Gospel Ministries Starts with Us

Partners with the President with Alex Mandes and Greg Strand

Trusting in the Unknown

When God doesn’t give us our next step right away

Pastors, Small Places Need You

Unlikely reflections from a small-town pastor's wife

Reaching the Young and the Restless

Seizing opportunities with students while we can

The Giving of Thanks

The true mark of a Christian

Maturing in Unity

Partners with the President with Kevin Kompelien