Sights and Sounds

Daniel (above, at right, with his neighbor) attends a church in a drug- and crime-ridden neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Through a partnership with EFCA ReachGlobal, Daniel’s church has grown from two people seven years ago to almost 500 today.

His story (and that of his church) is one of many told as part of the Moving Latin America Pictures project. In January, four video producers and two photographers commissioned by ReachGlobal spent a week in one of four Latin American/Caribbean countries: Brazil, Costa Rica, Haiti and Mexico. After filming, the team met up in Costa Rica to boil hours of footage down into several three- to four-minute videos that capture the essence of ReachGlobal’s ministry in each location.

Click here to watch the full fruits of the video team’s labor and find out how you can be involved in meeting the needs of people throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

photo credit: Zach Peterson

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