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Lessons From My "Praying Grandma"

Partners with the President with Pastor Quintin Stieff

In Good Company

Part 1 in a series on leading through COVID-19

5 Ways to Disciple Your Quaranteenager

Leading our teenagers to Jesus amid this temporary reality

Joyful Hope in Caring for Ailing Parents

How one couple honors their elderly parents through joy and daily care

The Long Road From Ministry Injury to Recovery (Part 3)

Helping family members in the healing process after ministry injury

How My Church Chose to Celebrate Life

National Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, January 21

Was I No Longer Fit to Be a Pastor?

I knew our lives would never be the same. I couldn’t have known they’d get better.

Putting Down Roots

Planting a church family in a rootless city

EFCA in the City

Life in our L.A. neighborhood