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Marriages Under Fire

Three practices for navigating the joys and pains of marriage

Praying With Proximity

Practical, tangible ways to pray for our neighbors and communities

A Time for Lament

Responding to the injustice and pain in the Twin Cities

The Christian's Call to Lament

Learning to sit on the ash heap and cry

Bending the COVID Bow of Bronze

One pastor's struggle toward hope in God

Self-Care in a Crisis

Partners with the President with Jimmy and Suzi Kallam

Good Friday: Day of Prayer and Fasting

A guide for navigating the EFCA day of prayer and fasting

Reading and Praying the Psalms: Thoughts and Resources

Additional guidance and encouragement for reading through Psalms

Reading and Praying the Psalms

Confession and comfort in the midst of COVID-19

Corporate Prayer on the Lord's Day

Grant us, Lord, to hope on Your name