The Gift of Bible Study Software

A review of Logos 8

Logos 8 is a gift! I consider it a gift in two ways. First, it truly is a gift to pastors, scholars, leaders and all those who are eager to and committed to studying the Bible. Second, at this time of the year, you might also want to consider giving this as a gift to someone who desires to study the Bible more thoroughly. This is a gift that keeps on giving in that the benefits are lived out every time the resources available in Logos 8 are accessed.

Having made this statement at the outset, it is important to spell out the rationale for the commendation.

As those who are engaged in ministry in the local church, or in ministries that are extensions of the local church, or supporting the ministry of the local church, the Word of God is essential and central to all of life and ministry. God and his Word cannot be separated without misunderstanding both.

This means that the primary task of all those engaged in ministry is to know God and his Word, to know God in and through his Word, so that we can not only be personally transformed, but we can be equipped to lead others to follow the same God-ordained path to be transformed (2 Timothy 3:16-17; cf. Matthew 4:4; Hebrews 4:12)

With the Bible as our foundational and fundamental text to read and study, there are also additional resources that enable us to understand the Bible better, for our own personal growth and also to provide information and resources for fellow believers to grow into the likeness of the Son (Romans 8:29).

This Bible study software is unsurpassed.

As I often say, books and libraries are a staple in a pastor’s study. Because we are people of the Book, we are people of books, those books/writings that enable us better to understand the Bible for our ourselves and for others. Being people of the Book and people of books/resources, I encourage you to consider Logos 8 as a resource to aid in your Bible reading and Bible study, along with supplemental books provided to aid in your Bible study.

This Bible study software is unsurpassed. The accessibility and searchability are invaluable, especially since Logos has a huge library of some of the best books available for study, with commentaries at the center of their resources, which is one of the primary tools of the pastor and Bible teachers. Although I still like hard-copy books, this is, for me, one of the best features of Logos. And this resource library of exceptional materials continues to grow exponentially, making a great resource even better. Although it is not an absolute essential, those who are without Bible software place significant limitations on their study, their teaching and their preaching.

Here are a few new features of Logos 8:

  • a central dashboard for studying the Bible on the Home Page;
  • step-by-step Bible study instructions to aid Workflow related to the type of study, be it a basic Bible study or sermon preparation;
  • a Theology Guide as an aid to study various theological topics;
  • a simple way to organize your Library; and much more.

If you are a first-time Logos user, Logos 8 saves you 90% compared to purchasing the library book-by-book. If you are an earlier Logos user, Logos 8 is 10 times faster than the previous version.

Logos updates regularly ensuring that users have the most recent additions and updates to their program. Upon release of one version, they are already working on the next version. Logos is committed to providing an invaluable tool and resource for users. They have accomplished this.

If you are seriously considering Bible software, I recommend you seriously consider Logos 8!

For those who want to study this further before purchasing, here are a number of videos that will explain various aspects of Logos 8.

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