Which Bible Translation Should I Use?

--comments by Greg Strand, EFCA Director of Biblical Theology and Credentialing

Here is a very interesting Symposium, hosted by Liberty University, on Bible translations, specifically comparing and contrasting the New International Version (2011), the English Standard Version (2011), and the Holman Christian Standard Bible (2004). The presenters were Ray Clendenen (HCSB), Wayne Grudem (ESV) and Doug Moo (NIV). The three presentations were followed by a Q and A. A message on “The Trustworthiness of Scripture,” that was also a part of this Symposium, is also included.

The Liberty University Biblical Studies Symposium
Monday, September 26, 2011
"Which Bible Translation Should I Use?" With Dr. Doug Moo, Dr. Wayne Grudem, and Dr. Ray Clendenen

Video 1: Dr. Ray Clendenen and the Holman Christian Standard Bible
Video 2: Dr. Wayne Grudem and the English Standard Version
Video 3: Dr. Doug Moo and the New International Version
Video 4: Responses and Q&A
Video 5: Dr. Wayne Grudem’s Morning Session: "The Trustworthiness of Scripture"
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