The EFCA blog offers both proven practices and alternative perspectives for Christian faith and ministry from leaders in the Evangelical Free Church of America®.

Combating Polarization with Christ-Centered Unity

Partners with the President with Kevin Kompelien

Opportunity in the Middle of Crisis

Join us in our efforts to respond to crises across the globe

Marriages Under Fire

Three practices for navigating the joys and pains of marriage

Church, Stand Firm Against Racism

Practical wisdom from a pastor who’s lived through 70-plus years of racism

Lessons From My "Praying Grandma"

Partners with the President with Pastor Quintin Stieff

A Practical Guide for Community Engagement

A review of Loving Your Community, by Stephen Viars

Facing This Present Trauma

How the Church can offer healing and hope to those with mental illness

Rest: Our Most Accepted Negligence

Three practical tips for resting in a busy world

Owning America's History of Injustice

Members of the EFCA Board of Directors reflect on their visit to Montgomery

Praying With Proximity

Practical, tangible ways to pray for our neighbors and communities


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