Book Review: Going Public

Jul. 18, 2016
Review by Todd Hessel Despite the title, Bobby Jamieson argues more than that baptism is required for membership; he argues that baptism and the Lord’s Supper are oath-signs of the new covenant. This means that the new covenant creates a visible people, and one becomes a visible member of this people through baptism. Moreover, according […]
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Did Jeremiah While Away His Years in a Rocking Chair?

Jun. 29, 2016
The prophet Jeremiah continues to be one of my favorite Bible characters. At some point after writing his journal of laments, Jeremiah (in his mid- to late-60s) was approached by Nebuzaradan, commander of the imperial guard. Nebuzaradan had been instructed by King Nebuchadnezzar, his commander-in-chief, to take care of Jeremiah. The implication seems to be […]
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New Resources by EFCA Authors

Jun. 8, 2016
Robert Campbell Senior pastor, Santa Margarita (California) Community Church (EFCA) You Are There: Restoring churches, people and places   Frederic M. Martin Former senior pastor of EFC of Bemidji (Minnesota) American Evangelicals & Modern Israel: A plea for tough love   Brian A. Thorstad Interim Pastor Ministries, former senior pastor of Cornerstone Church (EFCA) in […]
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Seismic Shifts: Islam and the World

May. 20, 2016
As church leaders, we must pay attention to our world’s changing religious landscape. Without a doubt, we are witnessing an unprecedented shift in populations due to war, natural disasters, economic disasters and political upheavals.1 Therefore, mission-minded believers who are looking for Somalis can go to Somalia, but also now to Minnesota or Maine. Communities of […]
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Making Space to Struggle and to Find Faith

May. 12, 2016
“I’m a control freak, and I felt the need to understand everything about God and have Him in a box before I could trust Him.” That’s how 17-year-old Marianna Cava used to explain her faith. But something powerful happened a few years ago when she journeyed from New York to Louisiana to attend the EFCA’s […]
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