Are We Equipping Our Saints?

Jul. 28, 2016
Consider what fellow EFCA leaders have to say about equipping their saints for ministry. To read more on the topic, visit and read the entire issue “Ready Feet.”   Commissioning our lay leaders By Neal Laybourne I constantly tell our congregation that they are far more important to God’s work than I am. They […]
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Loving and Leading the Glorious Small Church

Jul. 25, 2016
One wet Monday morning in April, a fellow small-church pastor friend from a neighboring state dropped this soul-stirring text message: “It’s fun to be a noncelebrity pastor with you.” My friend knows the high privilege of serving in forgotten Midwest churches and communities. (You know, those communities no one has heard of; after a while […]
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Book Review: Going Public

Jul. 18, 2016
Review by Todd Hessel Despite the title, Bobby Jamieson argues more than that baptism is required for membership; he argues that baptism and the Lord’s Supper are oath-signs of the new covenant. This means that the new covenant creates a visible people, and one becomes a visible member of this people through baptism. Moreover, according […]
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Did Jeremiah While Away His Years in a Rocking Chair?

Jun. 29, 2016
The prophet Jeremiah continues to be one of my favorite Bible characters. At some point after writing his journal of laments, Jeremiah (in his mid- to late-60s) was approached by Nebuzaradan, commander of the imperial guard. Nebuzaradan had been instructed by King Nebuchadnezzar, his commander-in-chief, to take care of Jeremiah. The implication seems to be […]
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New Resources by EFCA Authors

Jun. 8, 2016
Robert Campbell Senior pastor, Santa Margarita (California) Community Church (EFCA) You Are There: Restoring churches, people and places   Frederic M. Martin Former senior pastor of EFC of Bemidji (Minnesota) American Evangelicals & Modern Israel: A plea for tough love   Brian A. Thorstad Interim Pastor Ministries, former senior pastor of Cornerstone Church (EFCA) in […]
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