COVID-19 Response


The scale and scope of the COVID-19 pandemic are truly extraordinary, and we are all dealing with challenges in the wake of this crisis. In the midst of the uncertainty, ReachGlobal Crisis Response is preparing for the certainty of a long-term gospel-centered response.

EFCA leadership also wants to equip local church leaders with resources as we shepherd believers and fulfill the Great Commission in the days ahead. Visit our COVID-19 Resource page to gain access to practical resources that can serve your community in the days ahead.


Every day, we gain new insight into the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic. The scale and scope are truly extraordinary, and we are all dealing with challenges in the wake of this crisis. These are difficult times, and many in our world now bear emotional, economic, social and physical burdens as repercussions of this outbreak.

You, too, navigate the swiftly changing realities of life amid this pandemic. The way you connect, worship, learn and go about daily tasks has rapidly changed for the foreseeable future. You are affected, but you can also affect change.

God does incredible work in times of great trial. The present circumstances provide the Church with opportunities to serve the broken and hurting in communities nationally and around the globe. Even now, Crisis Response is providing support and training to EFCA churches as we begin to see the fallout of this outbreak, and the response will only grow as Crisis Response engages with local churches to meet needs worldwide. Our teams are already distributing physical resources such as N95 masks, hand sanitizer and additional protective equipment in the battle against COVID-19.

As Crisis Response continues to respond to this pandemic, they want to mobilize you, the body of Christ, to not only partner with them in their efforts, but also to serve and love those affected in your own community and context.

Join us

How will you contribute to the gospel fruit that will come in the wake of this outbreak? Here are a few ways to participate:

Give to your church

  • Financially support the ministry of your local church. Your generosity matters, and your faithfulness to the local church is an encouragement to your pastors and the leaders of Crisis Response. Healthy churches serve as the staging grounds for the work of Crisis Response around the world, and without the local church, Crisis Response would not exist.

Give to the COVID-19 Response Fund

  • As you are able, please contribute to the COVID-19 Response Fund. People are suffering as a result of this global pandemic, and your gifts will help Crisis Response meet needs on a global scale. The poor and marginalized will not be forgotten, the gospel will be shared, churches will be planted, and disciples will be made as financial gifts are invested in the mission and vision of Crisis Response and the EFCA.

Serve your community

  • Be an extension of Crisis Response by meeting needs in your community. Without a doubt, there are people in your circle of influence who are suffering. How can you share Christ’s love with them? Deliver (or order) them a meal. Write an encouraging letter. Pray for them.


  • Join us in prayer for those affected by this outbreak. Pray for pastors and churches. Pray for local, state and national leaders. Pray for first responders, doctors and nurses. Pray for those who have been infected by the virus and their families. Pray that opportunities for Crisis Response would become clear and that our response would be vast and rooted in Christ’s love.

Share this message

  • To help us spread awareness of this Crisis Response opportunity, we ask that you’d share this message with your church body.

Share a COVID-19 ministry story

  • The COVID-19 outbreak provides new opportunities for EFCA churches to love and serve their communities. Let the national office know how God has been at work in and through your community by submitting stories, blogs, social media posts, photos or videos with this form.

We are grateful for you and look forward with anticipation to how God will use the Church to advance the gospel in these unique times. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Bride of Christ.

Or send a check with EFCA COVID-19 Response Fund 21709-3826 in the memo line to:

901 E. 78th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55420