Crisis Response Partners


Crises present unique opportunities for compassionate outreach, evangelism and disciplemaking.

We help EFCA churches and ReachGlobal partners prepare for and respond to disasters in their communities and around the world. Through holistic ministry, we are seeing God restore hope, rebuild lives and transform communities.


Sharing the love of Christ in times of need.

Transformational crisis response requires a commitment for the long-haul. Here's our strategy:

In a season of disruption that follows a crisis, people are naturally open to relationships that express God's love and communicate God's Word. Developing relationships that allow the Body of Christ to express the Great Commandment and the Great Commission is a primary value for ReachGlobal, whatever the context and whatever the crisis. When ReachGlobal responds to crises, we seek ministry opportunities which allow our local partners and us to engage relationally with impacted communities for the long term.

We provide relief, but we have found that by focusing on long-term recovery and development ministries, especially when many others have chosen to move on to the next crisis, we are able to enter deeper, more impactful ministry.

For example, in 2015, a major earthquake hit Nepal and left thousands of people homeless. ReachGlobal, along with indigenous partners in Nepal, responded with an assessment team to determine the needs, including trauma mitigation, debris removal and the rebuilding of homes and community centers in some of the hardest hit areas. The rebuilding effort continued beyond the immediate aftermath.

Also, more than 10 years after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, ReachGlobal is working with many families who are still trying to recover. We chose to engage in rebuilding homes as a long-term recovery ministry, because it gives us relational access for long periods of time with families and neighborhoods. As fruit from that long-term ministry, we have helped restore a number of existing churches and helped in the launching of several new church plants in New Orleans.

Partner with Crisis Response toward an annual goal of $50,000. Becoming a partner is a proactive option for you and/or your church to invest in the ministry created in the wake of international crises. It allows Crisis Response to minister immediately to the needs of those affected and to bring the gospel to those looking for answers. Please pray and give with a thankful heart.


Mobilize your church to react when disaster hits.


Worksheets to help prepare for crisis in your local context