Hurricane Dorian Response


As communities in the Bahamas and on the East Coast of the U.S. begin to rebuild and recover in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, EFCA ReachGlobal Crisis Response has mobilized teams and resources to help the affected individuals and families.


"There is a sense of exhaustion and hopelessness," said Ryan Kling of EFCA ReachGlobal Crisis Response. "We saw countless people with tarps on their roofs from Hurricane Florence (September 2018) that were ripped off and rained in again [during Dorian]. It's like a Band-Aid over a wound just starting to heal that got ripped off."

(Photo: Hurricane Dorian's impact in Morehead City, a coastal town in North Carolina.)

For 48 hours, Hurricane Dorian devastated the northern Bahamas, destroying thousands of homes and leaving more than 70,000 people homeless. After moving north, Dorian made landfall again on the East Coast of the U.S., bringing heavy winds and catastrophic flooding to areas where many are still recovering from the lasting impact of Hurricane Florence.

Equipped with resources and people ready to serve, EFCA ReachGlobal Crisis Response is uniquely positioned to bring the hope of Christ to people in the midst of this devastating crisis.


We recognize our responsibility to help those struggling to rebuild their lives after Hurricane Dorian's devastation. This is a prime opportunity to engage local partners, form relationships with local churches and bring physical aid and gospel-centered hope to the 70,000-plus affected by Dorian.

As Crisis Response is deploying in the Bahamas, the biggest need is financial support to aid in rebuilding homes and restoring hope for thousands of individuals and families. Through your gifts, we can mobilize local churches in the Bahamas and minister to those in need.

Click here to give to the relief effort in the Bahamas.

East Coast

A year after Hurricane Florence ripped through coastal communities in the Carolinas, Hurricane Dorian brought similar damage and destruction to some of the same areas. Individuals, families and communities still recovering from Florence's impact are now dealing with further damage from Dorian—setting back year-long rebuilding projects and amplifying the devastation on already affected communities.

Despite the destruction, frustration and general exhaustion, God has given hope to the people in these affected areas:

"The plus side is that God has given us a renewed reminder that He is the only one that we can count on," said Ryan Kling. "We had an awesome service with One Harbor Church in Morehead City, North Carolina, that was just worshiping and praying for the community—no seats, no sermon, just people worshiping and praying for their community."

Right now, we need teams to go—to serve on-the-ground in these coastal communities and continue the rebuilding process that began after Hurricane Florence. To mobilize and send a team to help in the Dorian relief effort, click here.

Join us


  • For provisions of food, water and shelter for those impacted in the Bahamas and on the East Coast.
  • For God to be glorified, even through this storm.
  • For leaders of our churches, as they determine the short- and long-term needs of their congregations and communities.
  • For ReachGlobal Crisis Response as they help churches and communities work through the next steps in ministry in the wake of crisis.
  • For gospel impact in the lives of those affected.


  • Give to the Hurricane Fund.
  • You can also mail a check with "Hurricane Dorian Response 21709-3969D" in the memo line to:

    901 E 78th Street
    Minneapolis, MN 55420


Join ReachGlobal Crisis Response in this response. Email to volunteer or to send a team.