Hurricane Matthew Response


EFCA ReachGlobal Crisis Response is uniquely positioned to bring the hope of Christ following Hurricane Matthew.

Download and print bulletin inserts.


Your help is needed

In the Fall of 2016, Hurricane Matthew left a path of destruction and flooding, and ReachGlobal Crisis Response and the Latin America/Caribbean Division are coordinating response efforts with our strategic partners in these countries.

Across the affected area and soon after roads were passable, assessment teams, visited the impacted regions, but we were not prepared for what we saw. Entire waterfront communities were gone, washed out to sea. Roofs were blown off, and coconut, mango and bread fruit trees, by which locals made their living, were laid flat by the ferocious winds.

Every gift helps with ongoing crisis response ministry, but here are some very practical and specific amounts to prayerfully consider:

  • $40 = Provides a breadfruit or mango tree seedling for family food sustainability
  • $75 = Provides a safe drinking water kit for a family
  • $150 = Provides help to a farmer to get seed to replant
  • $200 = Replace a family’s backyard garden
  • $250 = Sends two response ministry interns to serve the community and help with debris clean-up for those unable to do it on their own for one month
  • $500 = Supply children’s ministry materials and workers for one month of child development ministry
  • $500 = Start a trauma care ministry in one location
  • $1,000 = Replace the roof on a home
  • $2,000 = Deploy a two-person outreach team for a year
  • $7,500 = Provide a complete community center which includes:
    • $3,100 = Build a transitional community center/church facility
    • $2,000 = Provide a stipend for a children's ministry worker team for one year
    • $2,400 = Provide a year's worth of community center ministry materials
  • $15,000 = Provide a long-term community or livelihood development project in one location

Mail a check

EFCA, Attn: Donor Services, 901 E 78th St, Minneapolis, MN 55420

In the memo line, write: Hurricane Matthew Response - 39693


ReachGlobal in partnership with the Haiti Consortium, and Los Pinos Nuevos have responded in both Haiti and Cuba. ReachGlobal staff in Haiti, and partners in Cuba, quickly brought relief goods to people affected by the storm. Through the end of 2016 in Haiti, a series of short term teams came to start rebuilding, helping dozens of families restore their homes. The response plans for this year focus on oral discipleship delivered through the contexts of trauma care, replanting of fruit trees, helping families develop backyard gardens.

Pray with us that:

  • dozens of kids and family discipleship environments will be launched through these efforts
  • the families and communities devastated by Hurricane Matthew will be rebuilt on a solid Gospel foundation
  • the Lord raises up many teams of outreach workers from the national church


Serve in Haiti: As a result of our initial assessments, specialized short-term crisis response teams are needed to assist local partners. Teams should consist of no more than eight people, and should be prepared for difficult conditions, with limited comforts (e.g., sleeping on floors, bucket showers, unplanned meals). To serve in the recovery efforts, email

Current list of weeks availabe for serving:

  • November 19-26
  • November 27-December 2
  • December 10-16
  • December 26-January 3, 2017

Serve in Hilton Head, South Carolina: As a result of our initial assessments, specialized short-term crisis response teams are needed to assist local partners. Service teams are needed immediately until November 20, 2016. Email for more information.

The mission of ReachGlobal Crisis Response

We exist to develop, empower and release the Body of Christ to share His love in times of crisis for multiplying transformational churches among all people.

To advance this mission, ReachGlobal Crisis Response seeks to aid in the development and transformation of:

  • Local churches as they will be in the community long after the crisis ends.
  • Homeowners in the affected areas, who can then transform their neighborhoods.
  • Volunteers as they take what they have learned home to affect their own churches and communities with the gospel message.