Lake Charles Response


Hurricane Delta recently hit the Gulf Coast, directly impacting Lake Charles, Louisiana—a community still recovering from a devastating Category 4 hurricane that struck back in August.

EFCA ReachGlobal Crisis Response is organizing both short- and long-term efforts in Lake Charles. Join the response by praying, giving and serving.


“The sound of generators, the smell of mold and the sight of tarps flapping in the wind cause sensory overload as I drove through Lake Charles today," Katrina Welch of EFCA ReachGlobal Crisis Response said in an initial report. "Heavy hearts abound knowing that insurance won’t cover this damage.”

Lake Charles has now been hit directly by two hurricanes, only six weeks apart. Hurricane Laura’s intense winds did tremendous damage: ripping off roofs and bringing many trees down on homes and businesses. A month and a half later, Hurricane Delta caused more damage still. The rain from this storm caused substantial flooding, and since flooding isn’t covered by homeowners' insurance, many of Lake Charles homes don't have what they need to cover the damage.

After Laura, ReachGlobal Crisis Response staff assisted Lake Charles Bible Church as they responded to overwhelming destruction in their church building and in their community. After Delta, LCBC now has six inches of water in the sanctuary. Their only building that didn’t take damage in Laura has now flooded because of Delta. In the words of senior pastor Phil Carpenter, “We have to cover this one on our own.”

Amid this devastation, destruction and pain, ReachGlobal Crisis Response needs your help to bring the service and hope of Christ to the people of Lake Charles.

(Photo: Hurricane Delta's impact in the area of Lake Charles, Louisiana.)

Join the response effort.


  • For the families who have lost their homes to the storms and for many displaced and awaiting word on their houses.
  • For church leaders to have wisdom in how to lead their churches and communities in response to this tragedy.
  • For compassionate outreach by local churches to those finding shelter in their facilities.
  • For wisdom in assessing the damage and for the ReachGlobal Crisis Response in determining next steps.


  • Give to the Lake Charles Response Fund.
  • You can also mail a check with "Lake Charles Response - 3969LA" in the memo line to:
    • EFCA
      901 E 78th Street
      Minneapolis, MN 55420


Organize a team to serve affected families and invest in relationships in Lake Charles and the surrounding areas. With the current flooding and damage to infrastructure, teams of limited size are currently being accepted.

Email to learn more about these opportunities.

(Photo: Damage from Hurricane Delta.)

Mail a check

EFCA, Attn: Donor Services, 901 E 78th St, Minneapolis, MN 55420

In the memo line, write: Hurricane Matthew Response - 39693