EFCA Credentialing

The purpose of a ministerial credential (en español) is to:

  • affirm God’s call upon a person’s life
  • verify that this person meets the qualifications and standards for ministry in the Evangelical Free Church of America
  • approve this person for ministerial service under the auspices of the EFCA
  • provide legal status in the exercise of that person’s ministry

There are four types of credentials in the EFCA:

  • Ministry License
    - Expedited (for sr./lead pastors with 10+ years in EFCA ministry). Available until 11/1/22
    - Five Year Non-renewable
    - Three Year Renewable
  • Certificate of Christian Ministry
  • Certificate of Ordination
  • Transfer of Ordination.

​The process for each credential begins by contacting your district office.

Contact Information

EFCA Credentialing Office
(800) 745-2202