Faith, Work, and Economics

How do faith, work, and economics intersect in the EFCA? Church leaders tend to be very comfortable talking about faith, but less fluent in the areas of life where people spend most of their time--the spheres of work and the economy. To help bridge this gap, God has raised up a foundation which offers grants to EFCA pastors and lay leaders helping deepen their understanding of the integration of faith, work, and economics, while funding the implementation of ideas that will shape churches and bless communities.

There are two different faith, work, and economics initiatives or grant tracks for churches to consider:

  • grants for learning (Knowledge Building Grants)
  • grants for doing (Church Implementation Grants)

Pastors are encouraged to start with a learning grant (up to $5,000) to help church leadership grow, and then submit an implementation grant (up to $20,000) for mobilizing the congregation. We believe these initiatives represent clear pathways which provide resources to EFCA churches for the fulfillment of the EFCA's vision of producing disciplemakers.

Contact Information

Gary Hoag, foundation liaison
(303) 888-6052