Ministry Contacts

Donor Services
(952) 853-8434

EFCA Communicators

Providing a forum for church communications staff (volunteer and paid) to share ideas and ask questions that will improve our communications tools.

EFCA Copy Center
(952) 853-1784


Delaware, eastern Maryland, New Jersey, eastern New York including greater New York City, eastern Pennsylvania, and Virginia including Washington, DC
(610) 395-9034

EFCA Faith Community Nurse Network

Blending nursing and ministry in our churches and communities by promoting wellness of body, mind and the intentional care of the spirit for individuals of all ages.

EFCA Family and Children’s Network

Providing support, encouragement and resources to those who invest in the family and in children.

EFCA Foundation

Planned giving, gift annuity, charitable trust and donation resources and information.
(800) 995-8578

EFCA GATEWAY Theological Institute

Theological training for pastors without access to traditional seminary theological training.
(956) 961-9665


Bi-annual EFCA leadership conference
(952) 853-8418

EFCA Special Needs Network

Connecting those within EFCA churches, ministries and partner organizations who have a passion to care for and minister to those with special needs.

EFCA Start

Church planting expertise, assessments, training boot camps and resources for U.S. church planters.
(952) 853-8424

EFCA Worship Leaders Network

A group for those who are or have been worship pastors and directors in national EFCA churches.


Assists pastors, staff members, and missionaries in providing retirement and other benefits.

(800) 995-5357

Forest Lakes District

Western two-thirds of Upper Michigan, Wisconsin
(715) 344-4288
(715) 344-1376 (fax)


Monthly sponsorship provides hope through EFCA national partners (education, food, healthcare) for children in India and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
(800) 745-2202

Great Lakes District

Florence, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan's Lower Peninsula and Eastern Upper, Western Ohio
(574) 299-9711

Hawaii District

(808) 447-9263

Hispanic Ministries

Preparing Hispanics for their full participation in the Kingdom Family of God through innovative training and multiplication tools.
(952) 853-8439