Challenge Conference

Challenge Conference is a five-day dynamic and catalytic experience for EFCA junior high and senior high students that will challenge and equip them to cooperate with God and His work in the world.

Jul 2, 2018Jul 6, 2018
Kansas City, MO

Challenge is the biennial national conference for EFCA students entering 7th grade to students who have just completed 12th grade. Challenge is a catalytic environment challenging students to live on mission with God everyday, everywhere, forever.

Here are our values:

Jesus centered

From start to finish, Challenge is about the glory of God in the face of Christ (2 Cor. 4:6). He’s the One we want students remembering and talking about when they go home.

Prayer saturated

Transformation is a supernatural, God-dependent process. Therefore, prayer is not simply a tactic, it is our transformational strategy. When we pray we know God moves.

Relationally infused

We believe spiritual growth takes place best in the context of relationships. Therefore, we create intentional opportunities to strengthen the connections between students and leaders.

Missionally driven

We long to see a posture of “sentness” that moves students out toward others both locally and globally as disciples who make disciples. While at Challenge, we seek to join God in what He’s doing in the city by strengthening local partnerships that will last long after we’ve gone.

Synergistically architected

We work hard to create an intentionally integrated environment that bleeds the central message throughout each of the diverse components of Challenge in order to create a stronger learning environment.

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