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Lead Pastor

Hope Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Experienced lead pastor for a congregation who values sermons that are Biblically focused, intellectually stimulating, practical and inspiring.

Ministry Description

Hope Church in Albuquerque, NM represents an exceptional opportunity for an experienced, dynamic Lead Pastor to build on a solid foundation, particularly the good work that has been accomplished through the most recent 18 month intentional interim. As a congregation of about 550 attendees, Hope Church offers two services at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. The worship experience is modern and Hope values sermons that are Biblically focused, intellectually stimulating, practical and inspiring.

Discipleship is engaged through Gospel Communities and Life Groups, and ministries to youth and children are a high value. Hope is governed by a group of nine elders plus the Lead Pastor who is a voting elder.

There is so much about Hope Church that is truly wonderful. This congregation cares about advancing the Kingdom here and abroad, and regularly cooperates with other churches to that end. They have a history of church planting, preferring to support new churches over pursuit of mega-church status. In recent months, elders and staff have been working collaboratively to understand and re-define their values. They desire to call a pastor who resonates and will work with them in crafting a compelling vision and a clear, intentional action plan to bring this vision to life.

Hope values intellectual curiosity and honesty, civil discourse and the ability to engage in robust dialogue without becoming argumentative or defensive. Many in the church work in scientific fields, health care and higher education so it is important the Lead Pastor understand the tensions of faith, science and current culture while inviting the Holy Spirit to guide understanding. As the church turns the page and welcomes a new Lead Pastor to the team, they have every reason to hope God will provide opportunities to rediscover their unique call and purpose in Albuquerque and beyond.


  • Theological Master’s Degree and a minimum of 10 years of pastoral leadership experience, or equivalent, including oversight of paid staff and volunteers
  • Compatible with the EFCA Statement of Faith and culture (www.efca.org)
  • Person of high character who possesses life experience that shows evidence of emotional and spiritual maturity; self-aware of their strengths and limitations
  • Exceptional winsome communicator and gifted biblical preacher who values knowledge, loves learning, listens well and respects differences on secondary issues
  • An experienced team leader who energizes, inspires, equips and develops staff and lay leaders; one who prefers collaboration and teamwork
  • Experienced in prayer, evangelism and discipleship; one who has a heart for unbelievers and is passionate to make disciples who make disciples
  • Relates and engages well with an intellectual culture; able to show love, experience and insight to effectively challenge while being humble enough to be challenged


Intimacy with God, Community with others, Kingdom lifestyle in the world. Leadership and vision implementation with the team; Preaching and teaching.

How to Apply

Please contact Kara Bubar, Search Associate, NL Moore & Associates at kara@nlmoore.com

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