Employment (Churches)

Major Events and Guest Experience Coordinator

Valley Church, West Des Moines, Iowa

Create and execute strategic events that welcome and engage people and communicate Valley Church's mission, values and strategy.

Ministry description

The Major Events and Guest Experience Coordinator is a high-capacity leader who partners with ministries to create and execute strategic, world-class events and guest experiences that propel Valley Church’s overall vision. We are looking for someone who is an expert in connecting with people and creating welcoming and engaging experiences.


  • University education in related areas preferred (marketing, hospitality, event management, etc.)
  • 5+ years of proven experience in related areas

o Event or project management (conference management preferred)
o Customer service or hospitality experience
o Speaker/vendor contract negotiation and management
o Recruiting and leading volunteers, especially specialized/skilled volunteers
o Budget creation and management


  • Carrier of the DNA: Completely embraces and contagiously communicates the Valley Church mission, values and strategy.
  • Operations guru: Brings structure to complex major events, to create an ideal environment where participants can best learn and grow.
  • Strategic Planner: Works with church leadership to execute strategic, world-class events and guest experiences that propel Valley Church’s overall vision.
  • Vision Activator: Turns strategic plans into reality. Makes it happen on time and on budget.
  • Maximizer: Constantly seeks ways to achieve greater impact with existing resources.
  • Reproducer: With the entire staff, reproduces leaders, volunteers and followers of Christ.
  • Cheerleader: Encouraging leaders, volunteers and fellow staff constantly.
  • Solution Specialist: Able to identify problems and find solutions.
  • Advocate for the audience: In tune with the perspective of audience. Participant centric. Always seeking to enhance the experience of participants by proposing creative solutions that add relevance, meaning and engagement.
  • Thought-leader: Leads through expertise and winsome influence, rather than positional leadership.
  • Idea scout: Sources ideas and inspiration from a variety of fields – tourism, technology, churches, visual arts, video, theater, pop culture, ministries, events and entertainment.
  • Catalytic Leader: An equipper of the saints. Able to rally people to a cause.
  • Des Moines Fan: Passionate about seeing the Des Moines community, especially our immediate neighbors, thrive.
  • Experimenter: Learns by testing new and out-of-the-box ideas.
  • Mission Mobilizer: Fully “owns” our mission of mobilizing everyone’s God-given potential to deeply love Christ and their neighbors.

How to apply

To learn more information or to formally apply, contact Nick at Nickv@valley.church. If applying, please have your resume profile and references ready to submit.

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