Internship - EFCA Southeast District

The Villages, Florida

Help establish a healthy church among baby boomers with Encore Generation Inc.

We have a new church start in The Villages, Fla. It is called Live Oaks Community Church and it has been successful in establishing a healthy church among Baby Boomers (or the young old) in a 50 and older community. Live Oaks is looking for an intern couple with start and people skills to launch another church in or near a retirement community or a region with a high density of older adults. Chris Holck, the president of Encore Generation Inc. and pastor of Live Oaks Community Church, is aware of a number of communities across the country where a new church could start. This internship includes practical skills, assessments, placement, training and coaching.

For more information, contact Chris Holck at (612) 803-0881 or

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