L3 Internship | Berlin

12 months or longer
Berlin, Germany

Live in community and begin to learn a language while serving in a local ministry.

Berlin is an exciting city for young people, where the openness and tolerance creates an environment to challenge and strengthen one’s faith. The large urban context of Berlin creates a great backdrop for learning practical ministry skills, leadership, and personal formation within a city of diversity.

The L3 Project is a one-year living, learning laboratory experience (L3) for ministry in a post-Christian world. Live in community and begin to learn a language while serving in a local ministry.

It’s all about teachable moments—creating enough discontinuity in one’s life to form a highly teachable environment. Within this cross-cultural context, loving relationships, practical ministry experience, and theological seminars set the stage for personal growth. Participants walk away with a deeper knowledge of God and of themselves.

The five pillars of the L3 Internship:

1. Community
Fostered through prayer and reflection, designed to bring the group closer to the Lord and to each other.

2. Language learning
The first six months participants engage in structured German language lessons. Though the goal is not full German fluency, a strong foundation in language increases the relational connection.

3. Mentors
Walking with each participant throughout the year, the mentors will aid in processing the cultural differences and also spiritual growth.

4. Practical service
The largest part of the participant’s time. While the type of service will vary, the goal is to place each participant in close contact with people with a very different worldview from their own.

5. Theological seminars
Opportunities for personal formation and spiritual growth, each teacher focuses on a specific topic centered around practical theology while dealing with issues that the participants are encountering directly.

L3 interns

  • Young adults 22-28 years of age. It serves as a great experience for a “gap year” after college before starting professional work.
  • Older students desiring a learning experience before finishing their studies.

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Special Requirements

  • Must raise funds for travel and living expenses

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