Nursing & Holistic Care Internship

Kiev, Ukraine

Serve the at-risk population of Kiev through holistic care.

Ukraine is plagued with a wide variety of social justice ills, including medical issues. Many citizens are either unaware of their need or don’t have the necessary funds to seek out the necessary care. There is a great need for medical or ancillary personnel who have mercy gifting to care for these patients and assist in training Ukrainians to provide basic medical assistance for the needy in their community.

Special Requirements

Basic skills needed for this position are demonstrated abilities of working with various people and organizational skills. Secondary skills would include flexibility and a basic understanding of current social issues. Humility and a servant’s heart are key as you will often be overlooked even though you may have great knowledge and skill. We are in need of people who are willing to come alongside those who are displaced from their homes, are at risk because they fall in the “margins of society” and those who are very poor and have no resources or skills to better themselves.

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