Special Needs Advocate

2 years or longer
Kyiv, Ukraine

Reconcile a culture who doesn't understand special needs and those who live with them.

Ukraine is plagued with a wide variety of social justice ills, including a culture that literally does not know how to handle or how to help families with children who have special needs.

The school system is ill-equipped and misinformed about how to help both the children and families who deal with being socially ostracized because the general public is ignorant and uncomfortable with disabilities. There are great opportunities for the church to come alongside families in a time of great need to encourage and instruct on how to serve and love their children.

Spend two years doing just that alongside the Kyiv city team.

Basic skills needed for this position are demonstrated abilities of working with various special needs and organizational skills. A degree in Special Needs Education or extensive experience and first-hand knowledge of how to help critical needs is necessary.

Secondary skills would include flexibility and a basic understanding of current social issues. Humility and a servant’s heart are key as you will often be called upon to provide help to families who feel desperate in their situation.

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