Ways to Serve

Budapest City Team Member

2 years or longer
Budapest, Hungary

Publicly live out your Christian faith, invest in the lives of disciplemakers, and contribute to the formation of new communities of believers.

Magnificent church buildings dominate the city of Budapest, a metropolitan area of nearly 3 million and the source of cultural, academic, economic and political influence for the nation of Hungary.

The central location of church buildings in major squares is reminiscent of an era in which the institution of the church played a significant role in the life of the city. But times have changed, and the Budapest of today bears the scars of a godless, communist past while ushering in the reality of a post-Christian present. Church buildings remain at the physical centers of the city, but the church seems to have lost its effectiveness in the lives of most Hungarians.

God is calling the ReachGlobal team in Budapest to a broader physical presence in the city. We're asking God to bring us new teammates who will publicly live out their Christian faith in the space God has prepared for them on the cultural highways of Hungarian society.

Is God calling you to join us in the work of proclaiming the gospel in one of the great historical cities of Europe? There are innumerable ways in which your God-given gifts, abilities, and experiences could contribute to the redemptive work He is doing as the gospel transforms Budapest.

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