Ways to Serve

Crisis Care Team Coordinator

2 years or longer
New Orleans, Louisianna

Lead the Crisis Care Team.

The Crisis Care Team is a network of lay people with counseling skills who are able to help restore both short and long-term wellness following a disaster.

Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Recruit and develop a team of lay people with counseling skills who can provide emotional and spiritual assistance during a crisis.
  • Develop a strategy and manual/training materials for equipping and utilizing a crisis care team to achieve its purpose.
  • Provide coaching and equipping of Crisis Care Team, ReachGlobal Crisis Response staff, churches, and national partners with care resources so that they are prepared to respond to crises in their own communities or in other communities when needed
  • Maintain healthy communication with the Crisis Care Team and serve as liaison between them and ReachGlobal Crisis Response

Special Requirements

Must raise own support.

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