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Plant a Church - Tennessee

Nashville, Tenn.

Join the beginning stages of church planting in Nashville.

About the EFCA Southeast District

The EFCA Southeast District represents nine states, 63million people, numbers of growing cultural population groups and currently, has 65 churches and 31 new church starts in process. The opportunities for new church starts are endless, and we are growing in the number of contacts desiring a new EFCA disciplemaking church.

If you wish to see if there is an opening in an established ministry, please contact Glen Schrieber.

Our church planting philosophy

Our district’s definition of church is a disciplemaking faith community that is reproducing new church communities. We are looking for new disciplemaking churches to reproduce new churches.

Training available

Each church planter is offered assessments, boot camp training on practical skills to start a church, ongoing coaching, pastoral care and network mentoring. Contact us for more specifics.

Opportunity details

We have a group in the very beginning stages of church planting looking for others to join them. A church planter is needed in the southern part of the city. The area is large and we could use several church planters.

Contact John DeMeester, the regional missional catalyst, at (615) 653-8735.

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