Ways to Serve

Teach in Europe

Share the gospel by using your gifts as a teacher in Europe.

International Christian Schools are a Part of the Great Commission

Many of the international Christian schools in Europe have a plurality of students. Business leaders, diplomats, missionaries and Muslims are sending their children to Christian schools. For the missionary family, the low cost and the discipleship atmosphere are important factors that impact enrollment. For international business leaders, the use of English is a primary factor. For religious families (Christians, Muslims, Hindu, etc.), a moral education is important. This creates opportunities to share the gospel for administrators and teachers from preschool through high school.

Seminaries Train Future Leaders for Church and Society

ReachGlobal partners with seminaries and Bible centers to develop future church planters and leaders. Our missionaries teach theology, pastoral counseling and English. Our partnering seminaries require teachers to have a master’s degree and, in some cases, fluency in the national language. Consider a long-term commitment to fully utilize your degree and learn a new language!

Outside the [Classroom] Box?

ReachGlobal partners with other agencies to provide educational support services for evangelical missionary families across the region. This can come in the form of...

  • A short-term, conference-based volunteer working as a teacher, classroom aide, PE or music coach, teen group leader, IT troubleshooter, prayer coordinator, child protection and safety monitor, etc.
  • Educational specialists providing testing services at conference venues.
  • Teams from colleges and universities supporting the children’s programming and teach English in European schools.

The role can also be long-term, providing educational consulting for families who are home schooling, using online schooling, enrolling their children in national school while supplementing with English-based curriculum—or combining all the above!

Service and Adventure

The missionary teacher has multiple opportunity to serve in and influence European culture for the sake of the gospel. English camps, one-on-one discipleship, feeding the homeless, and helping the marginalized and victims of sex trafficking are just a few examples.

Opportunities to experience different cultures, see the birthplace of the Reformation, and reflect on the infamy of the Holocaust awaits conscientious missionaries. Europe once helped spread Christianity and industrialize the world. But now Europe is the least Christianized continent in the world. Europe is a continent full of adventure, service and potential for spiritual renewal.

How You Can Serve

Our educational partners need teachers in mathematics, history, economics, science, languages, Bible, PE and more. School directors, principals, IT specialists, nurses, administrators, fund raisers, human resource personnel, finance, disciple-group leaders and after-school help is also needed. Whatever skills you use in your career in the United States can be used at our educational institutions. Dream of how you can serve, and the opportunity will present itself.