Reformation 500

Presenter resources from the 2017 EFCA Theology Conference held at Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois.

Reformation 500: Theology and Legacy – God’s Gospel and the EFCA


2017 is the 500th anniversary of Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses, what traditionally is known as the beginning of the Reformation. We join the celebration in giving thanks to God for this rediscovery of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our emphasis will be on the theology of the Reformation and its ongoing historical legacy, with a specific focus on the biblical gospel of grace, rediscovered by the Reformers (Luther referred to himself and the movement as Evangelicals, not Protestants), and its impact historically on the EFCA.

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Wednesday, February 1

Welcome & Solus Christus as Central to the Reformation Solas

Presenters: Kevin Kompelien, Greg Strand, Stephen J. Wellum

Length: 97:40

Thursday, February 2

The Heart of the Reformation: Justification

Presenter: D.A. Carson

Length: 71:10

Faith Alone Justifies, Yet the Faith Which Justifies is Not Alone: Justification and Sanctification

Presenter: R. Albert Mohler

Length: 39:15

The Heidelberg Disputation: The Theology of the Cross Versus the Theology of Glory

Presenter: David J. Luy

Length: 63:43


The Reformation, Sola Scriptura and Tradition

Presenter: Kevin J. Vanhoozer

Length: 78:24


Friday, February 3

The Reformation, Creeds, Confessions and Catechisms

Presenter: Kenneth N. Young

Length: 73:11


The Extent of the Reformation's Reform: Word, Church, Ministry and Worship

Presenter: Scott M. Manetsch

Length: 56:00


Debate: Age of the Earth

Genesis and the Age of the Earth: Does the Bible Speak Definitively on the Age of the Universe?

Albert Mohler and C. John (“Jack”) Collins discussed and debated their respective answers to the question, “Does Scripture speak about the age of the universe?” Mohler answered in the affirmative; Collins in the negative.