Colorado Flood Response

A Colorado pastor wonders, "How will we be able to care for all those that have been impacted?” Donations are needed to help with a quick response.

Sep 14, 2013

The scene in parts of Estes Park is surreal, with roads turned into gullies, streams flowing through homes and people in a state of loss and fear. ReachGlobal Crisis Response has completed an initial assessment of the flood impacts amidst our EFCA churches in Colorado. Churches in Estes Park, Boulder, Golden, Longmont, Greely, Crook, Ft. Collins, Loveland and other locations around the region are responding and addressing the needs in the church family and their neighbors. Hundreds of families in EFCA churches have been affected.

While the local EFC's respond, gospel influence is flowing. "You're the best kind of Christians. You practice what you preach", observed an Estes Park homeowner as volunteers from Rocky Mountain EFC removed water-logged carpet from her home. That's the heart of the leadership team at Rocky Mountain Church, demonstrating the love of Christ, while at the same time proclaiming the message of the gospel.

How can you get involved?

Give to the EFCA's Flood Response efforts to help with restoration for the hundreds of EFC families and their neighbors affected by the flooding. Intitial response funds have already been used to help with immediate needs in the church family, supply local government partners with needed clean-up supplies, address impacts to a local pastor's home and secure other immediate relief supplies. The EFCA Rocky Mountain leadership and local pastors have consistently stressed the significant financial needs they anticipate in their communities in the coming months as clean-up turns to rebuilding or relocation for impacted families.

Help! Send a team! ReachGlobal Crisis Response is working with the District and Rocky Mountain Church in defining the response plan for the coming months. If your church is interested in sending a short-term team, email, not the church.

Pray for:

  • the hundreds of gospel conversations that members of these EFC's are having with friends and neighbors;
  • the staff at these churches who have been serving for long hours for the last week, serving their Body and community;
  • the local response of the members of these churches being the hands and feet of Christ to their neighbors;
  • for unity over the response in each church.

Read current updates on the ReachGlobal crisis response blog and watch a video about the needed response.