EFCA Board of Directors propose Statement of Faith and Bylaw Amendments

The board believes these motions allow for necessary and important conversations as a movement, and a commitment to strengthen the relationship between the EFCA and Trinity International University. We invite your attention and consideration of these important matters.

Apr 20, 2017

Motion to Amend Article 9 of the EFCA Statement of Faith

At the 2017 EFCA One conference in Austin, Texas, the EFCA Board of Directors will introduce a motion to amend Paragraph 9, Article III of the Articles of Incorporation of the EFCA, the Statement of Faith. The motion to amend Article 9 of the Statement of Faith will be introduced at the business session of the 2017 EFCA Conference but cannot be acted upon until the 2019 Conference.

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Proposed Amendments to Trinity and EFCA Bylaws

The EFCA Board of Directors has announced proposed amendments to the Trinity International University Bylaws and to the EFCA Bylaws to be presented by the board to the 2017 EFCA Conference for consideration and approval. Over the past year, the Trinity Board of Regents and the EFCA Board of Directors have worked together to review and strengthen the relationship between Trinity International University and the EFCA, and to evaluate and clarify governance structure and authority.

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During the 2017 EFCA One conference, members of the Board of Directors will be available to answer any questions you might have regarding the proposed amendments and to receive any input you may wish to share. If you have questions concerning the proposals, please feel free to contact the EFCA Board of Directors at