New Director of Multicultural Ministries Named

April Warfield will become the EFCA’s next director of multicultural ministries.

Aug 17, 2020

The EFCA is committed to be a reflection of God’s kingdom on this earth. As seen in the EFCA mission and Statement of Faith (Article 8), this commitment compels us to make disciples among all people, to extend the love of Christ to the poor and seek justice for the oppressed.

As we continue to pursue God’s calling on the EFCA, ReachNational and Alejandro Mandes, executive director of the EFCA’s All People Initiative, are excited to announce April Warfield as the new director of multicultural ministries. April will begin this role on September 1.

April has a longstanding history of ministry with the EFCA as evidenced by her extensive and diverse experiences in leadership. She brings a wealth of knowledge from national, district and local church ministry contexts, which will help advance and align multicultural ministry efforts throughout the EFCA.

Most recently, April served with Apex Missions, the EFCA’s next generation leadership pipeline, as the director of U.S. projects. In that role, she developed strategic partnerships with churches, urban nonprofits and community-based organizations to help effectively train and disciple students into deeper relationships with Jesus. April has also served on various local, district and national panels and task forces, providing insight and expertise on racial diversity, urban and student ministry, women in leadership, among other topics. For the past eight years, April has been a member of the EFCA All People Council, discussing initiatives impacting the multi-ethnic communities in our movement.

As director of multicultural ministries, April will help EFCA leaders understand how justice and compassion are essential to developing transformational churches. She will bring synergy to national ministry efforts and serve as a consistent voice of alignment to our commitment to all people. In addition, she will help serve an increasingly diverse EFCA and help bring our mission to fruition.

As a member of the ReachNational team, she will report to Alex Mandes, director of the All People Initiative, and sit on the directional team with ReachNational.

“What excites me most about the role is the opportunity to continue doing my part in moving the EFCA toward an authentic community that incorporates a tenacious faith and attitude of humility, allowing us to experience intimate fellowship as a body of believers and forge a path together in our mission of multiplying transformational churches among all people.” - April Warfield, director of multicultural ministries

“April is the right choice because she has a proven track record of walking in all the different tension points of missional need, and she just fits. She fits and helps us lean forward in the demographic tipping point that has long been forecast and is now before us. I believe in her ability to help us adapt to reach the young, ethnic and immigrant leaders that are the future of the EFCA.” - Alex Mandes, director of EFCA All People Initiative

“I can’t think of anyone who knows the EFCA better than April who also has the commitment and ability to help our churches engage their communities in ways that will bring transformation. She’s demonstrated her commitment to Christ and the EFCA for years. I believe she and Alex will work incredibly well together in helping the EFCA accomplish our mission of multiplying transformational churches among all people.” - Eddie Cole, executive vice president of national ministries

Join us in prayer for April as she transitions into this new role. Pray also for our ReachNational team as they build synergy and serve churches and church leaders, and for the Apex team as they enter a season of transition.