Chaplain: Military

Requirements for military chaplaincy

Military chaplaincy is one of the varied ways to serve the Church and Nation. Chaplains in uniform provide military personnel and their families religious programs through which a person may exercise their right of freedom of religion. The military depends upon all faith groups to provide theologically trained, spiritually motivated, and qualified ministers to serve as chaplains to military components.
Military personnel and families endure frequent transfers from one installation to another. As a result, many personnel are isolated and limited in active involvement in an evangelical church. Evangelical Free Church chaplains who serve on Active Duty help bridge the gap by providing ministry in places where pastors cannot go and where churches do not exist. Chaplains become extensions of the Church. They serve in varied roles as pastor, preacher, teacher, counselor, and administrator. As Staff Officer, chaplains also serve as chief advisers to the command on religious issues, morale and ethics.
  • Recipience of an undergraduate degree and M.Div degree (or equivalent with a minimum of 72 graduate seminary hours) from an accredited evangelical seminary
  • Be credentialed in the EFCA and be eligible for ecclesiastical endorsement
  • Complete a physical examination and a security clearance through a military recruiter
  • Complete two years of practical ministerial experience (prior to active service)
  • Meet age limit parameters specific to the branch of service