Crafting Your Missions Strategy

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Tailored to your church

A fast-paced 3-4 hour session gets your team moving on crafting a missions strategy based on:

  • your church DNA
  • biblical compassion
  • having "staff on the ground."
  • making an impact with movement leaders around the world

Asking the right questions

The strategy session gives space for a church leadership team to determine how God is gifting their church to fulfill the Great Commission. This level of tailored strategizing is the fruit of asking some very tough questions, including:

  • How does our missions strategy align with our church purpose?
  • How do we give more than just money?
  • What excites our people and what are they passionate about?
  • Where do we think God is leading us in the next 3-5 years?
  • How do we inspire and mobilize every generation for missions and outreach?
  • What criteria do we use to determine support of current or future missionaries?
  • How can our church be part of a gospel-centered movement for global transformation in the power of God’s Spirit?

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