Crisis Preparedness Survey

Determine your church's level of preparedness with this survey

Rate your church’s level of crisis preparedness on a scale of 0-5, with 0 signifying that you “strongly disagree” and 5 indicating that you “strongly agree.”

_______We have analyzed our vulnerabilities.

_______We have a clear understanding of our mission and goals for crisis response.

_______We are proactive rather than reactive in responding to crisis.

_______ We have an organizational infrastructure (such as a dedicated budget and crisis team) in place to respond to a crisis.

_______ We have a “crisis management champion.”

_______ Our church leadership is committed to crisis preparedness.

_______ We have a comprehensive plan and procedures in place for responding to natural and/or human-caused disasters.

_______ Our church has analyzed stakeholders (internal or external) who might have an effect (positive or negative) on or be affected by a major crisis.

_______ We have addressed physical/technical factors (i.e., church facilities, backing up of computer data and protecting computers and vital records from potential harm) that are a factor in preventing/mitigating a major crisis.

_______ We have a plan for dealing with organizational factors (i.e., communication/roles) that enter into a crisis.

_______ We have a plan for dealing with the emotional and spiritual factors that enter into a crisis.

_______ Commitment to responding effectively to a potential crisis is part of our church’s “organizational culture.”

_______ We have a system of early warning signal detection and damage containment mechanisms in place before the actual occurrence of a crisis.

_______ Our church staff and congregation have conducted drills/exercises to prepare for a possible crisis.

_______ We have selected and stocked alternative facilities (i.e., alternative meeting sites and command center) that are fully operational in the event of a crisis.

_______ We have a method and procedures in place for evaluating the effectiveness/lack of effectiveness of our response to a crisis.

Total your score. Determine your church’s level of preparedness based on the following scale: 1-20: Low 21-50: Moderate 51-70: High 71-80: Very High

For scores in the low to moderate range, we recommend an on-site consultation with ReachGlobal staff. Contact to arrange an appointment.