Crisis Response Mobilize Guide

This guide will get your church started in forming a mobilize team to serve in the wake of crisis.

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We've all seen the news reports showing pictures of homes destroyed by tornadoes, entire communities under water from flooding and people coming home to find little to nothing left. Many of us wonder how we can help in a tangible way. ReachGlobal Crisis Response has formed a network of churches that are ready to respond to disasters. Mobilize churches are equiped with training both pre-field, in your church and on the field at one of our current response locations. Our experienced training team will help a team from your church to aid both physically and spiritually following crisis. Mobilize team members are ready to respond with ReachGlobal when crises hits across the United States of America. They also may deploy as a staffing resource during peak ministry times at current crisis response locations. There are many ways to serve such as job-site supervisors, cooks, hospitality, discipleship ministry team members, praying with others, accounting assistance or to meet other needs within ministry.