EFCA Doctrinal Survey

In 2008, the EFCA Board of Directors affirmed a “process for safeguarding our spiritual heritage.” One aspect of the process was to conduct a doctrinal survey every five years. In November 2018, The EFCA conducted a second doctrinal survey.

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The Spiritual Heritage Committee (SHC), on behalf of the EFCA Board of Directors (BOD), conducted the five-year doctrinal survey of the EFCA Statement of Faith. After compiling and assessing the data, the committee presented the information to the board who subsequently released this combined document of: (1) 2018 EFCA Doctrinal Survey: Results, Assessments, and Comments, and (2) 2018 EFCA Doctrinal Survey: Questionnaire and Statistical Results.

In addition, a separate document of the survey questions is available.

If you have questions about the survey, please email