Faith, Work, and Economics Grants

There are two types of grants available for faith, work, and economics initiatives: Knowledge Building Grants and Church Implementation Grants.

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Pastors are encouraged to start with a learning grant to help church leadership grow, and then submit an implementation grant for mobilizing the congregation.

Knowledge Building Grants (up to $5k)

Knowledge Building Grants range from $300-$5,000 and empower church leadership teams to learn about the integration of faith, work, and economics to produce human flourishing. This learning takes place through a process you design with guidance from our grant administrator.

Common examples:

  • Attend a conference about faith, work, and economics.
  • Study resources related to faith, work, and economics together with your pastoral staff or congregation leaders.
  • Visit another church that is integrating faith, work, and economics into its ministry.
  • Preach a sermon series on God’s plan for work or the economy.

Church Implementation Grants (up to $20k)

Church Implementation Grants range from $300-$20,000 and empower church leadership teams to put what they know about faith, work, and economics to work in their churches and communities. These grants are an investment in church leadership teams with creative ideas focused on human flourishing.

Common examples:

  • Host events where professionals in your church mentor teenagers and young adults entering the workforce.
  • Organize a job fair in your church or community to help unemployed or underemployed individuals connect with potential employers.
  • Tap the work skills of your congregation to help launch or grow businesses in your community.
  • Redesign your church’s food or clothing ministry from one focused on relief to one focused on relief and personal development.

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