Faith, Work, and Economics Resources

Faith, Work, and Economics Bibliography

An annotated sampling of resources leaders are encouraged to include in their Knowledge Building and Church Implementation grants.

Church Proposal Templates

Templates to use when applying for a grant. 12 questions to answer for a Knowledge Building Grant and a longer list of questions for a Church Implementation Grant.

Sample Knowledge Building Grant Proposal

Knowledge Building Grants range from $300-$5,000 and empower church leadership teams to learn about the integration of faith, work, and economics to produce human flourishing.

Example Program Theory

A visual explanation of the terminology the Foundation uses in the grant process.

Ideas for Church Implementation Grants

Basic concepts from the Foundation to spark thinking. Pastors are encouraged to think creatively outside these provided models.

Work Matters to God Sermon Collection

PDF collection of sermons by Dr. Kurt Trucksess at CrossWinds Church Spirit Lake campus in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

Challenges to the Faith and Work Movement

A podcast by Darrell L. Bock and Greg Forster