Faith at Work: Made to Flourish

A three part training, held for district staff, pastors and leaders at the 2015 EFCA One conference.

This training focuses on the implications of worship and life specifically at the intersection of faith and work as we connect Sunday with the rest of the week. The training:

  • Raises awareness about human flourishing under the Lordship of Christ through the integration of faith and work
  • Develops a theology of work to provide contextualized resources for pastors, leaders and congregations
  • Illustrates this theology of work in action through testimonies
  • Cultivates rich and catalytic conversations to engage churches
  • Provides an opportunity for a grant to implement a strategic ministry plan integrating faith and work in the local church where you serve

This information is intended for pastors, leaders and all others who desire to live faithfully and fully where God has placed them vocationally. Although each individual session is beneficial, the greatest learning and implementation keys are gained through review of all the sessions.

Session One - A Biblical Theology of Work by Dr. Constantine Campbell

Session Two - Work Matters: Connecting Sunday Worship to Monday Work by Rev. Tom Nelson

Session Three - Overview in Three Parts: Faith and Work in the New Testament, Grant Opportunities, and EFCA Examples by Dr. Gary Hoag