Five Critical Disciplemaking Questions

We believe there is a great need and opportunity to have fresh conversations regarding disciplemaking and seeing God supernaturally grow a movement of disciples who make disciples.

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We’ve identified five critical disciplemaking questions that we believe every leader and their teams need to wrestle with. We are in no way suggesting these are the only questions that leaders need to be asking, but clear answers to these questions give a good indication if you are heading in a disciplemaking direction and movement. For more information and resources, access the PDF above.

Question No. 1: What is a disciple?

Question No. 2: What is your understanding of disciplemaking?

Question No. 3: What does disciplemaking look like in your church?

Question No. 4: How do you measure effectiveness in disciplemaking?

Question No. 5: Who are you drawing close in disciplemaking relationships?

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